Pikimov FAQ

Last updated: 2024 06 29

Why no Firefox support

Firefox is my daily web browser. As a web developper, I always make sure my work is comptatible with all major browsers. But you can guess a web based video editor is a complex task to achieve, and Pikimov uses several key features that only exist in Chrome, Edge, and maybe Opera, and maybe, maybe, Brave. That's why Pikimov cannot currently work on Firefox (as of today: v127), there's nothing I can do to fix this, it is just not possible. For the curious ones, here are some of the web API Pikimov requires, but are missing from Firefox: - audio data - window showsavefilepicker - videoencoder Note: There is no Safari support due to similar obstacles.

Does it work on tablets?

Not on iPads, maybe Android tablets are ok, if you cheat and disguise the browser as being a desktop one, but the project has not been - for now - considered for mobile devices

Is there a standalone app version?

Right now, I want to focus on a single version: the desktop web version. Maintaining only one version helps a lot making more frequent updates without breaking up something. But I can see there is a demand for a installable version of the webpage, also called 'PWA', and for a 'flatpak' Linux app. I will consider those when I feel the project is more mature and requires less updates/fixes

Does it requires a powerful graphic card?

Not at all, as long as you stay on full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution, although a minimum of 16G of RAM is recommended (but much less if you only import images). I do most of the testing on a NUC PC I purchased in 2018... My most powerful testing machine is a mac book air from 2023.

Does it requires a fast internet?

Not at all, the whole app is around 5MB, a bit more if you load demo projects, and that's it.

All the processing is done locally on your machine, your files do not travel across internet, there is no video streaming involved.

Is it open source?

Pikimov is free to use, but is not open source

Will it become a paid service?

I started the project because I got inspired by the success of Photopea, and plan to follow its path. So Pikimov will stay free forever. I will probably add a donation box on Pikimov's page for those who whishes to support me. If you would like to support me right now, you can use this paypal donation page

What is Pikimov tech stack?

- Rendering compositions is done with three.js, and a lot of effectcomposer passes - Video effects are made with GLSL shaders - The app UI is managed by the ember framework - jQuery is helping for a few tasks - Muxing video / audio is done with https://github.com/Vanilagy/mp4-muxer - What's left is done with native vanilla browser APIs, some of them only being available on Chromium browsers :/